Transporting Industrial Relations towards Hydrogen

Project Acronym: TIR-H

Project Number: 101048682

Duration: 2022-2024


TIR-H Transporting Industrial Relations towards Hydrogen The project idea is to provide trade unionists with adequate information and training to manage the dynamics connected to the “green” transition with particular reference to the transition from the production of vehicles powered by fossil fuels to those powered by hydrogen. The project intends to adopt a sectoral approach (heavy transport of goods and people) and a territorial analysis lens with regard to research activities (in terms of collecting and sharing good practices). The main expected output of the project is to identify specific challenges and possible solutions for promoting and managing the transition from the production of heavy transport vehicles powered by fossil fuels to those powered by hydrogen. Relevant issues and good practices will be identified in selected regions; specific information and training measures will be organised involving workers’ representatives, in order to promote knowledge on the challenges ongoing and on specific initiatives promoted at a European level; in the frame of the project activities (preliminary research; workshops; training) specific issues and ideas will be shared and collected, in order to formulate orientations for the European social partners involved in cross-industry and sectoral European social dialogue.


The TIR-H project is structured in the following Work Packages

WP1 – Project management and coordination


  • Monitor and control project progress, taking corrective actions if necessary.
  • Ensure all management, administrative and financial procedures are clear for all the partners, assuring control on the financial and administrative aspects.
  • Ensure proper communication with the European Commission.
  • Ensure consortium cohesion and proper communication among partners.
WP2 – Preliminary research


  • Investigating and mapping, at EU level and in the project’s countries, main challenges and social dialogue developments concerning the transition from the production of vehicles powered by fossil fuels to those powered by hydrogen, with a focus on the heavy transport sector.

WP3 – Training for unionists


  • Raising awareness among trade union delegates on the theme of the energy transition through the sharing of information, targeted training activities;
  • Preparation and information policies for union delegates in the transport sector on the issues and challenges coming from the ecological transition and the role of hydrogen so that they are not unprepared for the change process


  • Sharing Information and best practices among project partners;
  • Formulation of a set of policy recommendations for EU cross sectoral and sectoral social dialogue; Project activities dissemination.


Project Manager: Rocco Cutrì, FIM CISL TORINO E CANAVESE (r.cutri@cisl.it)

Scientific Coordinator: Margherita Roiatti, Fondazione ADAPT (margherita.roiatti@adapt.it)



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